Tori Bowie, an elite Olympic athlete, died of complications from childbirth

Elite Olympic athlete Tori Bowie died at 32 due to complications from childbirth.

What happened: Bowie was eight months pregnant and found dead in her home, with the autopsy report indicating she had been undergoing labor.
* She died from natural causes related to complications from respiratory distress and eclampsia, a disorder related to high blood pressure during pregnancy.
* The toxicology report came back negative, and Bowie’s body and organs were described as being in normal condition.

Broader context: Black Americans face an elevated risk of preeclampsia and eclampsia, contributing to a higher death rate before and after childbirth.
* The maternal death rate among Black Americans is 2.6 times higher than the rate for White women.

Bowie’s career: Known for her speed, Tori Bowie was once the fastest woman in the world, with a 100-meter world championship and three Olympic medals, one of them gold.
* She notably won the 100-meter race in 2017 by just .01 seconds, cementing her status as a world champion.

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