The Texas high school that delayed graduation says 100% of seniors are ready to walk

Marlin High School in Texas announces that all its seniors have now met graduation requirements, after previously delaying the ceremony due to inadequate credits.

From delay to success: The postponed graduation allowed seniors to complete necessary coursework and raise their grades.
* School officials now report that all 38 seniors will graduate later this month.

The numbers: The graduating class consists of 33 traditional program students and five in the alternative education program.
* Previously, a school district audit found that only five seniors had met graduation requirements.

Superintendent’s role: Marlin ISD Superintendent Darryl Henson will also step in as principal at the high school.
* Henson has emphasized the importance of supporting the school’s students and teachers in the face of challenges.

Local context: Nearly 99% of Marlin High School’s 229 students are economically disadvantaged, and the school received a “B” rating in a recent Texas Schools report card.

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