In a time of grief, a stranger’s family gave him the ultimate gift

Andy Davis, a heart failure patient, received a life-saving transplant from a stranger’s family during their time of grief.

The backstory: Davis, an avid cyclist, experienced chest pain a few months before a planned cross-country bike trip and was diagnosed with heart failure.
* He was placed on a heart transplant list in November, an uncertain waiting process that can take months or even years.

A gift of life: As Davis’ condition rapidly worsened, he received a new heart from Sarah Ivy, a wife and mother, giving him a second chance at life.
* Davis expresses immense gratitude toward Ivy and her family for their kindness during a difficult time.

Moving forward: With a renewed health, Davis plans to take a cross-country bike trip with his wife and meet Ivy’s family in person to thank them.
* He hopes to ride the 200 miles to meet them on his bike, demonstrating the profound impact of the transplant on his life.

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