Arizona Republicans try and fail to expel Democratic lawmaker over Bible prank

Arizona House Republicans failed to expel a Democratic lawmaker who admitted to a Bible-hiding prank caught on hidden camera.

The situation: Representative Stephanie Stahl Hamilton, a Tucson Democrat, hid Bibles in the Arizona House members’ lounge as a commentary on the separation of church and state and a protest against the weaponization of religion in politics.
* Many Republicans were outraged, calling it the “desecration” of scripture.
* Stahl Hamilton, who admitted to and apologized for her actions, was censured in a 30-28 vote, but an expulsion motion fell short of the two-thirds majority needed.

Different reactions: Some Republicans referenced the expulsion of former Rep. Liz Harris and argued that Stahl Hamilton’s actions also warranted expulsion.
* However, two Republicans and all Democrats rejected the motion, with one calling it “overkill for a bad, chosen prank.”

House Ethics Committee findings: The committee found both Harris and Stahl Hamilton in violation of House Rule No. 1, governing disorderly conduct, but emphasized that Stahl Hamilton’s actions would have been offensive regardless of the religious text involved.

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