Trump is calling for support for his court appearance. The far right may stay away

Former President Trump’s call for support at his upcoming court appearance in Miami may not draw the same far-right crowds as in the past.

The backdrop: Trump’s recent post on his Truth Social platform echoes his tweets before January 6, 2021, which led to tens of thousands gathering in Washington, D.C.
* Researchers have noted a lack of similar logistical and tactical planning this time around.

Current climate: While violent rhetoric on fringe platforms has spiked since Trump’s indictment, there is increased concern among Trump supporters about the risks of arrest and potential jail time.
* Paranoia and accusations of “false flag” operations have led rally organizers to urge participants to be cautious.

Shifting focus: Researchers have noted a sense of “Trump fatigue” among his former base, with a general shift in focus to local-level anti-LGBTQ+ efforts.
* Extremist groups and other organizations have moved away from organizing at a national level, concentrating instead on local governments, schools, and libraries.

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