Elizabeth Gilbert halts release of a new book after outcry over its Russian setting

Bestselling author Elizabeth Gilbert halts release of her upcoming novel, The Snow Forest, due to backlash over its Russian setting.

Criticisms heard: Gilbert decided to remove the novel from the release calendar after receiving a “massive” outcry from Ukrainians, who are still at war with Russia.
* She acknowledged their anger, sorrow, disappointment, and pain over the story being set in Russia.
* The book was originally scheduled for release in February 2024.
* No new publication date has been provided.

Support from The Authors Guild: CEO Mary Rasenberger reiterated the organization’s stance against censorship or banning books, but supports authors’ rights to decide when and how to publish.
* Gilbert’s decision was respected since she empathized with her Ukrainian readers’ pain.

The novel’s premise: The Snow Forest is set in mid-20th century Siberia and follows a group of individuals who remove themselves from society to resist the Soviet government.

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