Latest in Ukraine: The counteroffensive is on, so is massive flooding

Ukraine’s counteroffensive against Russian forces continues, while massive flooding caused by Kakhovka Dam’s breach creates further issues.

Driving the news: Ukraine launched its counteroffensive, utilizing NATO-supplied weaponry to strike Russia’s defensive lines and reclaim some territory.
* Russian officials claim their forces are mostly holding their ground and causing significant losses for Ukrainian troops and tanks.

The big picture: The Kakhovka Dam burst, leading to widespread flooding that threatens homes, farms, and the environment.
* Both Russia and Ukraine blame each other for the dam’s destruction, and Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy has called for an international investigation.
* Seismic stations detected an explosion at the dam around the time of the burst.

Don’t forget: Last week’s events also included a major prisoner swap between Russia and Ukraine, with almost 100 captives exchanged on each side.

Upcoming events: NATO is set to begin a two-week military exercise called Air Defender 23, and President Biden will host NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg at the White House.

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