Central Park birder Christian Cooper on being ‘a Black man in the natural world’

Christian Cooper released a book detailing his life as a Black birder, gay activist, and Marvel comics writer and editor after a 2020 Central Park incident involving a false accusation.

The big picture: Cooper was birdwatching in Central Park in 2020 when a white woman falsely accused him of threatening her.
* The incident gained significant attention in the media and discussions about racism.

Details: Cooper’s book shares his experiences as a Black man in the natural world, navigating birdwatching and outdoor activities, and connecting with nature.
* In addition, the book highlights his work as a gay activist and his career in Marvel comics as a writer and editor.

Driving the news: The book aims to shed light on the challenges faced by Black individuals in outdoor spaces and inspire others to persevere despite societal prejudices.

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