Biden gets a root canal (without anesthetic) and postpones some events

President Biden underwent a root canal procedure without anesthesia and postponed some events.

The situation: Biden complained of a sore tooth, leading to an examination by a team from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center at the White House dental office.
* White House physician Kevin O’Connor confirmed that tooth 29 was the source of discomfort, and initial steps of the root canal were performed on Sunday.
* Biden tolerated the procedure well, but further discomfort the following morning was expected.

No power transfer: The president did not receive anesthesia for the root canal, so a temporary transfer of power to Vice President Harris under the 25th Amendment was not necessary.
* Harris filled in for Biden at an event with college athletes.
* Meetings with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and an evening reception for the chiefs of mission were rescheduled for Tuesday.

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