4 children who survived for 40 days in the Colombian jungle recover as details emerge

Four Indigenous children who survived a plane crash and 40 days in the Colombian Amazon jungle are recovering in a military hospital as new details emerge.

The survivors: The children, aged 13, 9, and two aged 4 years old and 11 months, are expected to stay in the hospital for at least two weeks receiving treatment.
* Some are already speaking and wanting to do more than lying on a bed, according to family members.
* The children were traveling with their mother when their plane crashed on May 1.

Survival story: The children are said to have survived by hiding in tree trunks and eating cassava flour and seeds, with some knowledge of the rainforest’s fruits aiding their survival.
* They are members of the Huitoto Indigenous group.

Rescue efforts: Colombian authorities found the children 5 kilometers (3 miles) away from the crash site in a small clearing, using helicopters and dropping food boxes into the jungle.
* The military and Indigenous communities worked together in the search effort.

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