This Brazilian activist stared down mining giants to protect the rainforest she loves

Brazilian activist Alessandra Korap Munduruku successfully led a campaign against mining giants to protect the Amazon rainforest.

Taking action: Korap Munduruku, inspired by the Munduruku Indigenous community’s struggle, began her quest against the extractive industries encroaching on their lands in 2015.
* She participated in community meetings, raised awareness, and built a coalition to oppose deforestation and mining in the Amazon.

The campaign: Korap Munduruku opposed Anglo American’s plans to extract copper from Sawré Muybu, an Amazonian territory near her own.
* Supported by various Indigenous and environmental organizations, she wrote an open letter to the company calling for the withdrawal of the permits.

Anglo American’s response: In May 2021, the company announced it would withdraw 27 already-approved mineral research permits on Indigenous territories in the Amazon.
* This decision came after months of pressure from Korap Munduruku’s campaign and cited concerns raised by Indigenous communities as the reason for the withdrawal.

Historic victory: Following Anglo American’s announcement, another mining giant, Vale, withdrew its permits on Indigenous territories in Brazil, marking a significant moment for Indigenous land rights in the Amazon.

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