Rain may soon help put out flames in Canada’s worst recorded wildfire season

Rain is expected to offer relief in eastern Canada’s worst recorded wildfire season, but questions remain regarding its sufficiency.

The situation: Rainfall is expected in southwest Quebec on Sunday night, with fires further north in Quebec set to receive rain by Tuesday.
* Rain is also forecast in Alberta on Sunday.

The big question: Meteorologist Gerald Cheng questions whether the anticipated 10-20 millimeters of rain will be enough to quench the fires, with the possibility of lightning sparking more blazes.

By the numbers: Alberta reports 75 active wildfires, while Quebec has 133 active fires, 72 of which are considered out of control.
* Canada is on track to have its worst wildfire season on record, with 446 fires reported in Quebec this year compared to the 10-year average of 212 fires on the same date.

International support: Firefighters from the U.S., France, Spain, and Portugal have agreed to help control Canada’s wildfires.

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