Florida families face confusion after gender-affirming care ban temporarily blocked

Florida families and medical providers are facing confusion after the ban on gender-affirming care for trans minors was temporarily halted for three plaintiff families.

The ruling: Federal Judge Robert Hinkle declared that Florida’s ban on gender-affirming care will likely be found unconstitutional but only specifically covered the three plaintiff families in his preliminary injunction.
* The exact extent of the injunction’s application remains unclear for other families and medical providers.

Impact on families: Parents of transgender children worry about accessing further care, with some considering seeking treatment out of state or relocating.
* The law’s language is ambiguous, leaving families uncertain as to how they can pursue care for their children.

Effect on providers: Under Florida’s law, providing gender-affirming care to new patients under 18 is a felony.
* Medical providers face the dilemma of whether to risk prison time and loss of their medical licenses by assuming the injunction also protects them.

Next steps: The state of Florida is expected to appeal Judge Hinkle’s ruling, which could lead to further legal challenges and continuing uncertainty for families and providers.

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