Blankets of orange haze may be unwelcomed guests at weddings this weekend in the U.S.

Potential poisonous orange haze in the US is affecting wedding plans this weekend.

An unexpected challenge: Christina Lamoureux, a bride in Washington, D.C., planned her wedding for potential rain, thunderstorms, heat, and proximity to the White House, but never expected air quality to be a concern.
* Lamoureux is now worried about the thick orange haze possibly affecting her outdoor wedding this Saturday and its effect on her guests’ health.

Wedding concerns elsewhere: Couples in Canada and other parts of the US are also monitoring weather reports, hoping winds will help improve air quality before the weekend.
* A bride in Toronto, near Quebec wildfires, expresses sadness about poor air quality and its impact on her wedding day.

Climate change awareness: Lamoureux believes this crisis shows how connected the world is and how actions in one part of the world impact every part, especially when it comes to climate change.
* She warns that such issues cannot and should not be ignored.

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