When will air quality improve? A lot is riding on the wind

Millions of Americans are under air quality alerts as smoke from Canadian wildfires continues to affect the Northeast and Midwest.

Driving the news: The haze from the wildfires poses health risks to children, the elderly, and those with heart and respiratory conditions, and has disrupted air travel and outdoor activities.
* Some areas in New England and the Mid-Atlantic are expected to see relief on Friday, but the Midwest and South may experience worsening air quality due to shifting wind patterns.

By the numbers: Canada’s intense wildfire season has seen 2,293 fires burn 9.4 million acres and displace hundreds of thousands of people.
* There are currently 414 active wildfires in Canada, 239 of which are considered out of control.

What to watch: Air quality in the US will improve as the fires stop or weather patterns change, but significant improvement may not occur until a new storm system moves in from the west early next week.

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