‘What the duck’ no more: Apple will stop autocorrecting your favorite swear word

Apple’s upcoming iOS 17 will no longer autocorrect swear words using its new machine learning technology.

Driving the news: Announced at Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference, the newly upgraded system is powered by a transformer language model for better word prediction.
* The AI model more accurately predicts words and phrases which users might type next, learning personal typing habits and preferences.

Under the hood: The update will also improve autocorrection for grammatical mistakes, predicting words or phrases, and making dictation more accurate.
* Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering, Craig Federighi, said the new autocorrect will improve the typing experience.

What’s next: The iOS 17 update, set to be released this fall, will include additional features such as real-time voicemail transcriptions, new sharing capabilities with AirDrop, AirPlay, and AirTag, and improved FaceTime features.

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