Wade Goodwyn, longtime NPR correspondent, dies at age 63

Longtime NPR correspondent Wade Goodwyn has passed away at the age of 63 due to cancer.

A storied career: Goodwyn reported on major stories for over 25 years, covering events such as the Oklahoma City bombing, school shootings, hurricanes, the American Sniper murder trial, and the Boy Scouts sexual abuse scandal.
* He possessed a distinctive and recognizable voice, often described as warm, soothing, and extremely engaging.

Passion for storytelling: Goodwyn was drawn to radio and journalism due to his love for storytelling, and his keen writing and observations often left a lasting impact on listeners.
* His work also involved reporting on politics, profiling rising political stars from Texas, and covering stories about injustice and seldom-heard voices.

Remembering Goodwyn: Goodwyn is survived by his wife, Sharon, and their two daughters, Hannah and Sam.
* Throughout his career, Goodwyn gave voice to joy, trauma, and important stories, remaining dedicated even through his cancer diagnosis.

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