Spare a thought for Gustavo, the guy delivering your ramen in the wildfire smoke

Delivery driver Gustavo Ajche braved hazardous wildfire smoke while delivering food in New York City this week, highlighting the challenges gig economy workers face.

Worker background: Ajche, originally from Guatemala, is a food delivery driver and construction worker in New York City.
* He is also the founder of labor group Los Deliveristas Unidos and a member of the Workers Justice Project, which fight for better pay and working conditions.

Impact of wildfires: Increasing global temperatures and hazardous air quality due to wildfires affect Ajche and thousands of other delivery drivers, who struggle to secure basic rights like earning minimum wage.
* There are approximately 65,000 delivery drivers in New York City, according to the department of transportation.

What’s needed: Ajche and other delivery drivers continue to fight for better wages in the city, as the council grapples with the issue.

Worker’s perspective: Ajche spoke with NPR, sharing his experience, the effects on his health, and how tipping improved, though he believes a just solution would be to pay delivery drivers a minimum wage.

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