In his 1st White House visit, Rishi Sunak talks Ukraine, AI — and how to say his name

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak visits the White House for talks on Ukraine, AI, and to reset US-UK relations.

Special relationship: Sunak aims to prove that post-Brexit UK remains an important US ally.
* Sunak highlights UK’s contributions to Ukraine and NATO.
* Former British ambassador Kim Darroch suggests that Sunak seeks to demonstrate restored stability.

Trade goals: Although major post-Brexit trade deals with the US are on hold, Sunak focuses on specific trade improvements.
* Potential options include protecting the UK car industry from Biden’s green subsidies or discussing digital services.

AI diplomacy: Sunak’s government announced London would host a global AI summit this fall to discuss ways of monitoring the technology’s risks.
* The UK prime minister seeks to position the UK as a global leader in AI, despite competition from the EU.

Pronunciation progress: The Biden administration will hopefully learn how to correctly pronounce Sunak’s name during his visit.

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