‘I still hate LIV’: Golf’s civil war is over, but how will pro golfers move on?

The golf community faces challenges in moving forward after the PGA Tour’s controversial merger with Saudi-funded LIV Golf.

The backstory: Rory McIlroy and other top golfers opposed LIV Golf due to concerns over Saudi Arabia’s human rights record, but the PGA Tour recently announced a merger with LIV Golf’s backers, the Saudi sovereign wealth fund.
* McIlroy feels like “a sacrificial lamb” and still sees LIV Golf as the enemy.

Players’ reactions: Many PGA players are “furious” about the merger and feel betrayed by the PGA Tour after refusing lucrative offers from LIV Golf.
* Some players, like Padraig Harrington, view the merger as a necessary financial move for both sides.

Ethical concerns: Critics accuse LIV Golf and the PGA Tour of ~~”sportswashing,”~~ allowing a wealthy and oppressive regime to improve its global image through the sport of golf.
* LIV’s defenders argue that other sports and business entities also interact with Saudi Arabia and that golfers should be allowed to play where they want.

Moving forward: Questions remain about how to compensate loyal PGA players and handle returning LIV Golf pros, as well as the future direction of pro golf under the merged organization.

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