Humans traveled less during COVID restrictions. Animals traveled more

Animals traveled more and ventured closer to roadways during the COVID-19 lockdowns, according to a new study in the journal Science.

The study: Researchers analyzed the movements of over 2,000 animals from 43 mammalian species worldwide during the initial COVID lockdowns.
* On average, the animals traveled 73% farther during the lockdowns than during the same period a year earlier.
* The animals also ventured 36% closer to roadways.

Implications: The findings offer insight into the ways human behavior can directly impact wild animal populations and their ability to adapt to changing environments.
* The study’s results can be used to develop better wildlife management strategies and improve the quality of habitat available to species in protected areas.

Global experiment: The study presented a unique opportunity to investigate how animals would respond to sudden changes in human mobility and traffic volume, providing essential information for future planning and wildlife conservation efforts.

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