DeSantis campaign shares apparent AI-generated fake images of Trump and Fauci

Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis’ campaign shared AI-generated fake images of Trump and Fauci, blurring the line between fact and fiction.

The deception: The video posted by the Florida governor’s rapid response team included a mix of real and fake images of Trump and Fauci, making it harder to distinguish between the two.
* Three of the six pictures used were AI-generated, showing Trump and Fauci embracing.
* The fake images had signs of AI-generated imagery, such as strange hair textures and unnatural hand rendering.

The concern: The increasing use of generative AI in politics can contribute to the spread of misleading claims, propaganda, and plausible yet false depictions of events.
* AI-generated images, audio, and video are becoming harder to distinguish from reality.

Reactions: Trump supporters criticized the use of manipulated media in the DeSantis campaign, calling for the removal of the fake AI images.

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