To keep immigrants from fleeing, Florida GOP focus on immigration law loopholes

Florida Republicans aim to curb potential mass exodus of immigrants due to the state’s new anti-immigration law by emphasizing its “loopholes.”

The backstory: State Senate Bill 1718 goes into effect on July 1, and some GOP officials, including Rep. Rick Roth, admit they were unprepared for the destabilization it would cause among immigrant communities.
* The law requires businesses with 25 or more employees to run new hires through E-Verify and limits social services for undocumented immigrants, among other provisions.

Concerns: The legislation has already sparked fears of job losses and deportation, driving workers out of the state, which Roth claims is “very dangerous for agriculture.”

Message to immigrants: Roth and other Republicans are now trying to persuade long-time immigrant residents not to flee the state by pointing out the law’s “loopholes” and that it’s “not as bad as you heard.”

Republican reactions: Immigrant and GOP Rep. Alina Garcia stated the law “really doesn’t have any teeth” and that it has “done its purpose” of preventing new arrivals across the state.

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