Sky-high egg prices are finally coming back down to Earth

Egg prices are decreasing in stores across the US after months of soaring costs due to various factors including avian flu outbreaks.

Background: The avian flu outbreak affected tens of millions of birds across the country, contributing to high egg prices.
* The USDA’s most recent report puts the typical wholesale price of a dozen eggs between $0.99 and $1.39, compared to $5 earlier this year.

Reasons for the drop: As the bird flu outbreak eases, inflation is lessening its impact on the economy, making eggs more affordable.
* The poultry industry is recovering from the bird flu outbreak, with over 58 million birds affected by HPAI in the recent outbreak.

However, challenges remain: Egg prices may not return to previous levels anytime soon as egg producers attempt to make up for lost earnings and deal with supply chain issues such as labor shortages and trucking industry problems.

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