Latest in Ukraine: Kyiv isn’t saying if its counteroffensive has begun (June 5)

Kyiv remains silent on whether its counteroffensive in Ukraine has begun, amid rising speculation due to reports of heavy fighting.

What to watch: Ukraine has not confirmed a major offensive in Donetsk, nor Russia’s claim of thwarting an attack and killing hundreds of Ukrainian troops.
* NATO’s eastern flank countries will hold a summit in Slovakia on Tuesday, discussing the situation in Ukraine.
* NATO’s chief hopes to bring Sweden into the military alliance this month, pending Turkey and Hungary’s approval.

Last week’s key events: Ukraine’s air defenses shot down several drone and missile strikes over Kyiv, while fighters backed by Ukraine launched a guerrilla campaign in southern Russia’s Belgorod region.
* Europe has mixed views on Ukraine’s bid to join NATO, with Germany stating it is not the time for discussion amid the ongoing conflict.

Ukrainian authorities avoiding responsibility for the drone strikes targeted at Moscow, while British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly supports Ukraine’s right to strike outside its borders.

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