How the SCOTUS ‘Supermajority’ is shaping policy on everything from abortion to guns

U.S. Supreme Court’s conservative “supermajority” is shaping policy on issues like abortion and gun control, as detailed in Michael Waldman’s book, ~~”The Supermajority: How the Supreme Court Divided America.”~~

The Court’s direction: Waldman highlights the divergence between the recent presidents’ electoral support and appointments of Republican-justified justices.
* Democrats have won the popular vote in seven of the last eight presidential elections, while six of the nine current justices were appointed by Republican presidents.

Key policies: Conservative justices have made far-reaching decisions on topics like gun control, reproductive rights, voting rights, and environmental regulations.
* Waldman critiques the principle of ~~”originalism,”~~ stating that it is fundamentally flawed and incompatible with modern society.

Court tensions: The Supreme Court has experienced increased public disputes and hostilities in recent years.
* The justices have started giving speeches attacking each other and engaging in open conflicts.

Interpretation of the Second Amendment: Waldman emphasizes that the Second Amendment was about public safety when it was created, and recent interpretations have veered from that intention.
* The Supreme Court only expressed the Second Amendment as an individual right to own firearms in the Heller case in 2008.

State courts and constitutions: Waldman expresses the importance of relying on state courts and constitutions to protect individual rights and promote democracy.
* State constitutions often have stronger protections for voting rights than the U.S. Constitution, and state courts should strive to be an independent force to protect people’s rights.

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