House panel sets hearing to hold FBI director in contempt of Congress

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer plans to hold a contempt hearing against FBI Director Christopher Wray on Thursday, alleging withheld information tied to an investigation into President Biden and his family.

Driving the news: Comer and other GOP members accuse the FBI of withholding an unclassified record related to their investigation into the alleged bribery scheme involving President Biden during his time as vice president.
* The FBI briefed Comer and the Oversight panel’s top-ranking Democrat, Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin, behind closed doors on Monday but refused to hand over the record.

Pushback: The White House called the move another “fact-free stunt” aimed at damaging President Biden, while Rep. Raskin called the plan “absolutely ridiculous” and a distraction tied to former President Trump.
* Raskin claims the committee has gotten what they asked for, but Comer changed the request to a physical copy of the document.

What’s next: If the panel votes to hold Wray in contempt, the measure would move to the full House, where Republicans have a four-seat majority, for a vote.

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