At phone-hacking trial, Prince Harry testifies press has been hostile since his birth

Prince Harry testifies against British tabloid The Daily Mirror in phone-hacking trial, addressing the impact of press intrusion on his life.

In court: Prince Harry provided a 49-page witness statement and described how news stories “played a destructive role” throughout his life.
* He also mentioned how tabloids’ behavior led him into a “downward spiral” during his teenage years and made veiled references to his mother, Princess Diana’s death in relation to the press.

Seeking a reckoning: The Duke of Sussex is pushing for a public reckoning of which UK newspaper editors knew of phone-hacking practices and when, as the practice has largely ended but not been fully addressed.
* UK newspapers have paid over $1 billion to settle victims’ claims, but no public reckoning has yet occurred.

Legal aspects: To succeed in his lawsuit, Prince Harry needs to prove that his phone was hacked and information was obtained illegally by journalists or private investigators hired by the Mirror Group.
* The prince shared that the tabloids’ articles about him often contained “snippets of truth,” leading him to believe that they were gleaned from voicemail interception or unlawful information gathering.

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