Apple moves into virtual reality with a headset that will cost you more than $3,000

Apple has announced the Vision Pro, a virtual and augmented reality headset priced at $3,500 to be released early next year.

Driving the news: Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled the long-rumored headset, designed for both virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), at the company’s annual developers conference on Monday.
* The device will be equipped with 12 cameras, six microphones, and various sensors allowing users to control it and apps with just their eyes and hand gestures.
* Apple has filed more than 5,000 patents related to the headset.

By the numbers: Analysts forecast that Apple will sell just 150,000 headsets during the Vision Pro’s first year on the market, possibly increasing to 1 million during the second year.
* To put this in perspective, Apple sells more than 200 million iPhones per year.

Challenges ahead: High pricing and the need for a tethered power source may limit the headset’s appeal, with some experts questioning the necessity of wearing such a device for extended periods.
* Nevertheless, the Vision Pro has been described as an “impressive piece of technology” and a “fairly mind-blowing presentation.”

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