Angry over debt deal, conservative House Republicans tank a McCarthy-backed vote

Conservative House Republicans tanked a McCarthy-backed vote due to anger over the debt ceiling deal.

Driving the news: Nearly a dozen members of the House Freedom Caucus voted against a procedural vote on Tuesday, preventing debate on a pair of GOP bills related to gas stove protections.
* The vote was 206 to 220, with rebellious Republicans siding with Democrats.

Behind the scenes: House Freedom Caucus members have been disappointed with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy over the debt ceiling legislation, claiming he didn’t push for significant spending cuts.
* South Carolina GOP Rep. Ralph Norman cited frustration with the debt ceiling deal and slow progress on Rep. Andrew Clyde’s bill regarding pistol stabilizing braces as reasons for the revolt.

Potential consequences: It remains uncertain whether Freedom Caucus members would move forward with a motion to vacate, a rule McCarthy agreed to that enables any one House member to offer a resolution to remove the speaker.
* However, Norman stated it’s not “the right time” to discuss ousting McCarthy, though he acknowledged frustration within the caucus.

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