5 questions answered about the unresponsive plane that flew over D.C.

An unresponsive Cessna jet triggered military responses and questions when it flew over Washington, D.C., before crashing in Virginia.

Background: The Cessna jet was registered to Florida-based Encore Motors of Melbourne Inc., and its pilot, passengers, and their family members lost their lives.
* The plane had gone through Washington’s airspace and crashed more than a mile from the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia.

Possible reason: Former FAA official Michael J. McCormick suggests that a lack of air pressure inside the plane could have led to the incident.
* Loss of air pressure could cause the individuals inside the aircraft to lose what is known as “useful consciousness.”

Military response: Six F-16 fighter jets from three different air bases were ordered to intercept the plane, resulting in a sonic boom heard by residents.
* The military had several options available, including a “head-butt” maneuver and missiles, but did not have to shoot the plane down in this case.

Security alert: Although the plane triggered alerts due to flying through the National Capital Region airspace, the threat level was not deemed high or direct enough to evacuate President Biden.
* The National Capital Region Coordination Center, consisting of the FAA, Homeland Security agencies, and the military, monitors the airspace in and around the area constantly.

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