She writes for a hit Ethiopian soap opera. This year, the plot turns on child marriage

Ethiopian soap opera Yegna tackles pressing social issues, including child marriage in its latest season.

About the show: Yegna, created by the charity Girl Effect, is a popular Ethiopian soap opera focused on providing helpful content for teenage girls, with 44% of viewers being girls aged 13 to 15.
* The show has addressed issues such as cervical cancer vaccines, menstrual pads, and female genital mutilation in past seasons.

Current plotline: The latest storyline revolves around a teenage girl named Tsega, whose parents want her to marry an older, well-off man to support the family despite her dreams of becoming a doctor.

Behind the scenes: Production and writing staff on Yegna are mostly women, working to create gender equity in the show’s production team.

Impact: The show has been successful in changing attitudes and raising awareness about various social issues, with viewers showing greater knowledge about cervical cancer and vaccines, and higher willingness to take the vaccine.

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