Robert Kennedy was killed 55 years ago. How should he be remembered?

Today marks the 55th anniversary of Robert F. Kennedy’s assassination as he campaigned for the presidency in 1968.

The fateful night: On June 5, 1968, Kennedy gave a victory speech after winning the California primary and was fatally shot as he exited through the Ambassador Hotel kitchen.
* Kennedy was gaining momentum in the Democratic nomination race, focusing on civil rights and the Vietnam War.

A complex legacy: Kennedy is remembered as a liberal icon with a strong following among Black and Latino voters, but he also authorized FBI wiretapping of Martin Luther King Jr.
* He advocated for racial equality during his campaign and gave an emotional speech about King’s assassination two months before his own death.

Remembering RFK: The Ambassador Hotel was demolished in 2006, and the site is now home to the Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools.
* Featuring murals, portraits, and paintings of Kennedy across the campus, the majority of students at the school are Latino, with many becoming the first in their families to attend college.

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