Dogs attacked more than 5,300 mail carriers last year, the Postal Service says

Over 5,300 mail carriers were attacked by dogs in 2022, according to the U.S. Postal Service.

By the numbers: California experienced the most attacks with 675 incidents, followed by Texas, New York, and Pennsylvania.
* Houston had the highest number of attacks of any city, with Los Angeles, Dallas, and Cleveland trailing behind.

National Dog Bite Awareness Week: The Postal Service released the data as part of its annual campaign to raise awareness of attacks on mail carriers.
* Even well-behaved dogs may lash out at postal workers, resulting in potentially deadly situations.

Safety recommendations: Officials ask pet owners to keep dogs inside, behind a fence, or on a leash when mail carriers arrive, and not let children take mail directly from postal workers.
* Mail carriers are trained to spot dogs on their route and take measures to stay safe, such as using their satchel as a shield or deploying dog repellent if necessary.

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