China tightens access to Tiananmen Square while 32 are detained in Hong Kong

China tightens access to Tiananmen Square and detains 32 people in Hong Kong during the anniversary of the 1989 pro-democracy protests.

Crackdown in Beijing: China increased security around Tiananmen Square to restrict access on the anniversary of the military suppression in 1989.
* Additional security checks were required, and foreign journalists needed special permission to approach the area.

Hong Kong arrests: Eight activists and artists were detained in Hong Kong on the eve of the anniversary, with 23 others taken away on suspicion of breaching public peace at Victoria Park.
* The city previously held commemorative events, but these have been increasingly restricted since the national security law was imposed in 2020.

International calls: Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International urged the Chinese government to acknowledge responsibility for the 1989 killings.
* Amnesty criticized the Hong Kong government’s attempts to silence and enforce obedience as a mirroring of China’s censorship policy.

Commemorations elsewhere: A commemoration took place in Taiwan’s capital Taipei, where more than 500 participants gathered to mark the anniversary.

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