Vaccination and awareness could help keep mpox in check this summer

Increasing vaccination rates and awareness could help prevent a potential mpox resurgence this summer.

A worrying trend: A recent outbreak in Chicago saw 30 mpox cases, highlighting the possibility of a summer surge in the U.S. due to low vaccination rates.
* More than half a million at-risk people live in areas with low vaccination rates, according to the CDC.
* Only around 23% of the 1.7 million high-risk individuals in the U.S. have been fully vaccinated with two doses of the JYNNEOS vaccine.

The role of vaccination: Studies have shown that two doses of the vaccine provide better protection than one, and vaccinated individuals may experience less severe symptoms if infected.
* However, many people who received their first dose never returned for the second, believing the outbreak to be over.

Prior immunity and risk awareness: Evidence shows that people with prior immunity, either through vaccination or recovering from an infection, can still contract mpox.
* Health officials encourage people to get tested if they suspect mpox symptoms and urge better vaccination rates and awareness to prevent a widespread summer surge.

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