How to hold onto a sense of wonder

Retaining a sense of wonder can be challenging in today’s world, and Katherine May explores how to regain that enchantment in her latest book “Enchantment: Awakening Wonder in an Anxious Age.”

Childhood enchantment: May reminisces about how seemingly small experiences, like discovering a tiny geode, ignited her imagination and sense of magic.
* Enchantment can be lost in adulthood due to increased responsibilities and skepticism.

God and prayer: May shares her journey to finding her own spiritual beliefs and style of prayer, despite not coming from a religious household.
* She explores the idea of connecting with an ineffable force and constantly seeking understanding through a state of prayerfulness.

Enchantment in everyday life: May highlights the importance of embracing mystery, not knowing, and spontaneously seeking one’s own truth.
* She emphasizes the responsibility of individuals in finding and creating their meaning in life.

Magical experiences: May recounts her attempts to witness meteor storms and the unexpected beauty she experienced when seeing her own moon shadow.
* She reflects on how our search for answers may not yield the expected results, but can often provide us with valuable insights into different aspects of our lives.

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