Vietnam faces criticism for arresting climate activist as it closes clean energy deal

Vietnam faces criticism for arresting a prominent climate activist while finalizing a $15.5 billion clean energy deal.

Arrest in focus: Hoang Thi Minh Hong, founder of environmental group CHANGE VN, was detained on charges of tax evasion.
* The United Nations says Hoang is the fifth high-profile climate activist in Vietnam charged with tax evasion in the past two years.

Global concerns: Dozens of environmental and human rights groups urged world leaders to pressure Vietnam on human rights practices before sending billions of dollars for climate change and economic development.
* A global coalition of 36 civil society groups called for activists in Vietnam to participate in designing and monitoring the Just Energy Transition Partnership (JETP).

Responses abroad: The US State Department is troubled by Hoang’s arrest and reiterates the importance of civil society partners like CHANGE for global challenges.
* The UN says Vietnam should release all arbitrarily detained prisoners and ensure compliance with international human rights standards.

Patterns observed: Experts suggest this is part of a larger pattern of climate activists worldwide facing retaliation for their work.
* Human Rights Watch’s Phil Robertson says Vietnam’s crackdown on civil society threatens to undermine the JETP, as there’s no one to ensure the government acts in the public’s interest.

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