Strawberry moon forever — or at least this weekend

June’s full moon, known as the “strawberry moon,” will reach its peak on Saturday evening, lasting through the weekend.

The big picture: The full moon will appear big, bright, and golden while visible from Friday night to Monday morning.
* The strawberry moon is expected to reach its peak at 11:42 p.m. ET on Saturday.

Look up: The bright star Antares will appear near the moon’s right, with Venus and Mars also visible in the sky.
* NASA advises looking for clear skies to better observe these celestial bodies.

Origin of the name: The Algonquin tribes called June’s full moon the “strawberry moon” to mark the peak of ripening strawberries in the northeastern U.S.
* Many full moon names have Native American origins, such as March’s “worm moon” and May’s “flower moon.”
* Other nicknames for the June full moon include ~~”honey moon”~~ and ~~”rose moon,”~~ which have European roots related to farming and harvesting.

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