Heart transplant recipient dies after being denied meds in jail; ACLU wants an inquiry

Dexter Barry, a heart transplant recipient, died from cardiac arrest after being denied essential medication while in jail, leading the ACLU to demand an inquiry.

Tragic outcome: Barry warned police and jail staff in Florida numerous times of his need for anti-rejection medication, but was denied access to it during his two-day incarceration.
* After being released, Barry passed away within three days due to an acute rejection of the heart.

ACLU response: ACLU Florida urged state officials to investigate Barry’s death, saying his “disturbing, preventable death from medical neglect” highlights flaws in the US carceral system.

The importance of medication: Heart transplant recipients rely on anti-rejection medication to prevent their immune system from attacking their new heart, making these drugs a crucial lifeline for patients.

Family’s perspective: Dexter Barry’s family believes that his death could have been prevented if the jail staff had taken his pleas for medication seriously.

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