South Korean pop culture is a hit worldwide. Now, video games are next

South Korean video games are expected to gain worldwide attention, following the success of K-pop and other cultural exports.

Meet the CEO: Jeonghee “JJ” Jin is the CEO of Pearl Abyss America, a branch of South Korean video game developer Pearl Abyss.
* Jin grew up playing games at PC cafes in South Korea during the ’90s.

The big picture: Many Korean game developers have focused on Western culture, but Jin believes it’s time for a shift to more diverse storytelling.
* Pearl Abyss is known for its MMORPG game, Black Desert Online, which takes place in a medieval fantasy world.

What’s next: Jin aims to create new game content that showcases Korean culture, landscapes, and folk tales, capitalizing on the current global interest in experiencing something unique.
* The esports and video game industry in South Korea is predicted to reach a market value of up to $19 billion USD in 2024.

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