Mary Trump, E. Jean Carroll and Jennifer Taub launch romance novel on Substack

Mary Trump, E. Jean Carroll, and Jennifer Taub collaborate on a romance novel to be published on Substack.

Unexpected venture: Mary Trump, despite no prior experience in romance novels, is writing The Italian Lesson, her first romance novel.
* Trump is joined by E. Jean Carroll and Jennifer Taub in this project.
* All three women have gained attention for their strong words and actions, especially concerning former President Donald Trump.

Publishing platform: The novel will be published in installments twice a week on Substack, a content-sharing platform.
* Subscribers can access the first three weeks of content for free, but they’ll have to pay $60 a year or $6 a month to access the rest.

Familiar premise: The Italian Lesson follows a typical romance pattern, with an American woman opening a café in Tuscany and meeting a male character.
* The project is meant as pure escapism, with no political angles.

A new way for romance authors: Romance critic Sarah Wendell sees the use of Substack as an innovative move for authors to build a direct audience.
* While romance novels have often been criticized as fluff, Trump believes they can be transformational.

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