Hollywood writers still going strong, a month after strike began

Hollywood writers’ strike against studios enters its second month, demanding higher wages, residuals, AI regulations, and more.

The big picture: Writers on the picket lines remain determined and upbeat, with morale still high.
* Teresa Huang, a writer and actor, says they are ready to continue striking “until we get a fair deal.”
* Themed picket events keep up the spirits and camaraderie among striking writers.

Strike impact: Studios have lost money, and various union members have shown solidarity on the picket lines.
* Cheech Manohar, a WGA strike captain, believes the strike is not just about pay but also about ~~”protection and power.”~~
* Actors, Teamsters, and Hollywood production workers have joined the striking writers, with some productions reportedly interrupted.

Recent developments: Netflix shareholders voted against executive pay packages in a non-binding decision.
* The Directors Guild of America is negotiating for a new contract, and SAG-AFTRA will begin contract talks next week.
* Contracts for both the DGA and SAG-AFTRA will expire at the end of June.

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