Senate brushes against default deadline as it moves toward a final debt ceiling vote

The Senate debates compromise bipartisan legislation to lift the debt ceiling as the default deadline approaches.

In session: Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced that the Senate would stay in session until a bill avoiding default is sent to President Biden’s desk.
* The Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2023 passed the House with a 314-117 vote, and Senate leaders are confident it will pass the Senate as well.
* The Senate is currently trying to speed up the voting schedule and reach an agreement on how many amendments will be considered.

Voices of opposition: Republican Senators Mike Lee, Lindsey Graham, and Independent Senator Bernie Sanders have voiced concerns about the bill.
* Lee has criticized the plan for failing to address the national debt, while Graham is concerned about insufficient defense and Ukraine aid funding, and Sanders says it poses new threats to climate change.

The path forward: The legislation, resulting from negotiations between President Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, won support among majorities of both parties, with 165 Democrats and 149 Republicans voting to approve the bill in the House.

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