One mom takes on YouTube over deadly social media blackout challenge

Annie McGrath is pushing for more transparency in YouTube’s protocols for removing harmful videos after her son died participating in the deadly social media blackout challenge.

The tragic story: Griffin McGrath, 13, died in 2018 after participating in the blackout challenge, where individuals hold their breath until they pass out, a dangerous trend on social media.
* An estimated 1,385 children are known to have died from participating in the challenge.

Holding YouTube accountable: Annie McGrath reports and sees dangerous videos daily but claims they are often not taken down, with some remaining on the site for years.
* She is working with advocacy group Parents Together to pressure Alphabet, YouTube’s parent company, to become more transparent in its protocols for handling such videos.

Demand for action: McGrath is urging shareholders to vote for Resolution 15, which proposes a third-party review of Alphabet’s Audit Committee, which assesses risks associated with harmful content on YouTube.
* Alphabet, however, is recommending investors vote against Resolution 15, stating that its Audit Committee already has the necessary experience, skill set, and protocols to manage risk.

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