Ohio grandma sets record: ‘I’m the oldest old lady to ever visit every national park’

Ohio grandma Joy Ryan, 93, becomes the oldest person to visit all 63 national parks within eight years.

Journey beginnings: Joy and her grandson Brad, 42, began their national park visits in 2015, with the Smoky Mountains National Park.
* Brad contacted Joy during a difficult time in his life, inviting her to go camping for the first time.

Building a special bond: The pair continued visiting more national parks, resulting in Joy becoming stronger and healthier.
* They experienced a range of activities, such as zip-lining, white water rafting, and rolling down sand dunes.

Grand achievement: Joy and Brad completed their goal by visiting the National Park of American Samoa, with applause from the park, local residents, and fellow airplane passengers.
* Their adventure brought them closer together and helped heal the rift that once separated them.

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