How to prepare for the 2023 hurricane season with climate change in mind

The 2023 Atlantic hurricane season begins, with climate change causing larger and more dangerous storms.

Preparing for hurricanes: The National Hurricane Center is upgrading the computer model it uses to predict storm surges.
* The new model extends lead time for storm surge predictions from 2 days to 3 days, allowing more time for evacuations.

Effects of climate change: Sea level rise means storms can cause 2-3 feet more inundation on average by 2100 than today.
* Warmer climates also cause higher rainfall rates, resulting in a 15% increase in tropical storms and hurricanes over the next century.

Emphasizing communication: The National Hurricane Center works to clearly convey the risks of flooding and storm surges to the public.
* They are partnering with social scientists to better communicate these risks and help people visualize potential inundation in their communities.

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