Don’t believe the hype: Low-key lawmakers helped avert a debt ceiling crisis

Low-key lawmakers played a crucial role in averting a debt-ceiling crisis in the United States.

The dealmakers: Pragmatic conservatives like Rep. Dusty Johnson, R-S.D., and other low-profile congressional representatives, were critical in securing support for the debt-ceiling deal.
* Johnson is the chairman of the ~~”Republican Main Street Caucus,”~~ representing about 75 GOP members.
* The deal received bipartisan support, with two-thirds of House Republicans and more than three-quarters of Democrats voting for the bill.

Bipartisanship at play: Despite a highly polarized political climate, low-profile lawmakers worked together to avert the debt-ceiling crisis, showcasing functional bipartisanship.
* President Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy were both instrumental in securing the deal.

The road ahead: The Senate still has to pass the measure, which, if successful, will effectively take the debt-ceiling issue off the table until 2025, after the presidential election.

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