A pop-up restaurant in Kabul is run by women for women. The Taliban is watching

In Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, a pop-up restaurant named Banowan-e-Afghan is creating rare employment and socializing opportunities for women.

Unique concept: The restaurant is run by women for women, only allowing men to order takeout, while female customers can dine inside.
* Owner Samira Muhammadi, 31, aims to help underprivileged women, including widows, by providing them a source of income.

Challenges faced: In addition to women’s lives being strictly controlled in Afghanistan, the Taliban has curtailed girls’ and women’s rights to education and working in certain areas like NGOs and the United Nations.
* Despite these issues, the private sector remains accessible for women to work and earn a living.

Significance: Women-only establishments like Banowan-e-Afghan provide crucial job opportunities and a safe space for women to gather and socialize amid the shrinking access to public life.

Hopes for the future: If the restaurant succeeds, Muhammadi plans to employ more disadvantaged women, pay better salaries, expand the space, and host exhibitions for women’s handicrafts.

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