3 Atlanta activists are arrested after their fund bailed out protesters of ‘Cop City’

Three Atlanta activists have been arrested on charges of money laundering and charity fraud in connection with their fund that aided protesters of the city’s proposed police and fire training center.

The arrests: The Georgia Bureau of Investigation and Atlanta police arrested Marlon Scott Kautz, Savannah D. Patterson, and Adele MacLean, leaders of the Atlanta Solidarity Fund.
* The fund has bailed out protesters and helped them find lawyers.
* The activists are all linked to the Network for Strong Communities organization.

The charges: Attorney Don Samuel, representing the arrested activists, is still determining the specifics of the charges.
* Initial appearances before a judge are likely to happen on Thursday.

Reaction: The Civil Liberties Defense Center’s executive director, Lauren Regan, called the arrests an ~~”extreme provocation,”~~ stating that bailing out protestors exercising their constitutional rights is not a crime.

Background: Over 40 people have been charged with domestic terrorism in connection with protests over the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center, a project that gained international attention following the fatal shooting of an environmental activist during authorities’ camp clearing in January.

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